What We Do

  • Case Studies
  • Articles and Technical Notes
  • Editing
  • ESL Editing
  • Graphs, Diagrams, and Illustrations

Case Studies

We research and write business case studies, the use of which is increasingly recognized around the world as a highly effective means of inspiring classroom engagement through rigorously authentic stories. A unique genre of functional writing, case narratives present specific facts and considerations at a given place and time — ideally gleaned from primary research — with timelessly ambiguous consequences and implications. A case is a real-life riddle with no single solution, designed to spur dialogue and debate under the skillful guidance of an instructor.

Articles and Technical Notes

We also write articles intended to present information clearly and efficiently. We specialize in teaming with faculty to make dense concepts more accessible, in a format that makes it useful in as broad a set of contexts as possible. In this way, educators can compile a custom modular library from which to draw. In particular, we focus attention on the clear contextualization of specialized language.


There are four levels of editing; we offer all of them as needed. Developmental editing, akin to the work of a writing coach, begins at the inception of a project; the editor partners with an author to consider a project’s scope, audience, and potential trajectories, then to plan and implement. Structural editing considers a project’s architecture, with a focus on the proper development of the defined theme and an intent to arrive at an optimal hierarchy and sequence. Stylistic editing looks at structure at the paragraph and sentence level to promote tone, logic, flow, and ease of comprehension. Copyediting considers grammar, punctuation, and parallel structure at the sentence level. The majority of Gist’s editorial work is structural and stylistic in nature.

ESL Editing

Materials created by academics or students for whom English is a second language often have unique issues involving syntax and tone. Gist is particularly adept at smoothing out these issues while retaining the integrity of specialized content.

Graphs, Diagrams, and Illustrations

Sometimes only a visual will do. Gist creates graphs, diagrams, and illustrations that grow out of the needs of the project. The form and style is dictated by the content.